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1877 1C Indian Cent PCGS MS64RD (PHOTO SEAL)

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Choice Unc (13: 4,5,4) RD. An outstanding example with a sharp strike and beautiful full red color. A small mark over the N in ONE is the only mark to speak of. This is the key date in the series and the full red examples are exceedingly tough to locate. Most don't stay on the market for long. Here is your chance to take a super example home!

1955/1955 1C Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent PCGS MS64RD


Choice Unc (14: 4,5,5) RD. A beautiful full red example of this very popular doubled die. This is one of the few coins you can show your non-collector friends at the Saturday golf club and get a resounding WOW! Anyone - coin collector or not, can get excited about this coin! Very tough in full red, as most ended up in cigarette packs used in vending machines. The extra two cents visible inside the cellophane was your discount, so naturally you'd buy that brand. Nearly all toned to brown due to the tobacco exposure. This one missed that route and ended up as one of the top examples known. Old green-label holder from over 20 years ago.

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