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What is Photo Seal?

Eagle Eye Rare Coins specializes in Flying Eagle and Indian Cents. We have sold well over $1 million worth of these coins to collectors every year since our company was formed in 1993. In 1994, we decided that it would benefit collectors if we made a buy and sell market in Flying Eagle and Indian Cents. One rule of this market is that our buy price is no less that 75% of our selling price. In theory, this should work very well, but in practice, with the current available supply of NGC and PCGS certified coins (also known as slabs), it is impossible.

Not all certified coins are equal. We have seen coins that are in reality no better than MS-63's sitting in MS-66 holders. Our records prove that over 1/2 of the Flying Eagle and Indian Cents in slabs today are overgraded or just plain ugly. Even one overgraded coin in the marketplace makes a buy sell market based solely on slabs impossible. Since we see and sell more high grade Flying Eagle and Indian Cents than anyone, we were in a unique position to put our knowledge and experience to work in creating true consistency in the grading of slabs.

What we do is put a label on the plastic holder and make a plastic laminated photo certificate to accompany the coin. These Photo Seals attest that I, Rick Snow, have examined the coin and agree with the grading services opinion. It's a second opinion that carries extra benefit, because they can then be bought and sold at our market price.


I see that most all of Eagle Eye's inventory is Photo Sealed. Why is that?

The big problem we discovered when starting our Photo Seal program was that we could not sell the coins that were not photo sealed to our customers - even at a discount. It would be the same as us listing a coin as "Overgraded, but cheap" - who wants a coin like that? So, when we buy a coin for our inventory, it must be of the quality expected for the grade, or we pass on it. We will not buy a coin if it cannot be Photo Sealed, even at a sharp discount. This has cost us thousands of dollars in lost potential profits, but it has made out clients very happy.


I don't see too many Photo Seals at coin shows. Where are they all?

We have issued many thousands of Photo Seals. We have seen nearly 10,000 coins. You cannot tell if we have rejected a coin, since only accepted coins get the Photo Seal. The Photo Sealed coins usually get sold to collectors and stay off the market for a good long time. When they do show up, they get sold back to us, either directly or from other dealers. That is the true measure of a successful market - coins flowing in and out at an even rate.


How can Photo Seal help me?

Many ways. If you are a beginning collector with limited skills in grading, you should get a few Photo Sealed coins as grading examples. You can compare these with other coins offered to minimize the chance of you getting taken on an overgraded coin. Remember - an overgraded coin is an overpriced coin that will be tough to sell.

If you are building a collection and are having trouble getting quality coins sent to you, try ordering a few Photo Sealed coins. Typically, collectors are amazed at the coins they get from their first few orders from Eagle Eye. Later, as their grading knowledge increases, they want only Photo Sealed coins.

If you have a collection of Photo Sealed coins, you will have a very easy time selling them. Just pick up a phone and call us. Since we've seen the coins, we know that they are nice. And we want them! No hassles. No questions regarding quality. And our checks go out instantly on acceptance of our offer.

If you see a Photo Sealed coin anywhere, you know what its price should be, so there is no question with the value or the grade - the only question which remains is if you like the coin enough to add it to your collection. It's possible that you may be able to buy a Photo Sealed coin at a price below our buy price, in which case you could make some money as well.


Can I get my coins Photo Sealed?


Download Application Here

The cost is $15 per coin, plus return postage and insurance. The turnaround time is about a week. You can request Rick Snow to call you to discuss your coins if you like. Only NGC and PCGS certified Flying Eagle and Indian Cents get Photo Sealed.


Why don't you Photo Seal uncertified, ANACS, PCI or any other coins?

All coins other than Photo Sealed NGC and PCGS coins are bought and sold on their own merits. Uncertified coins we offer are graded very strictly and are priced as fairly as possible. ANACS and PCI coins are offered at the grade we assign as if the coin was uncertified. These coins do not fit easily into the market we make. We're sure you'll like them regardless, though. Our buy prices do apply to all accuratly graded coins.

If you have any additional questions regarding Photo Seal, our buy sell market, or Eagle Eye Rare Coins please contact us.

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