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  • The article is available as a PDF download at: http://www.indiancent.com/eerc_images/Top100.pdf

  • Proof Small Cents 1856-1909

    Collecting Proof Indian Cents

    Collecting Proof examples of the Flying Eagle and Indian Cent series is quite a challenge. This, in fact, may be the primary reason many collectors attempt to do it! Regardless of your finances, a quality set is not something that can be assembled in a brief period. In every case the opportunity to buy an exceptional coin far outweighs the cost to get it. The exceptional proof will have deep mirrors, frosted or cameo devices, orange peel fields (which I'll explain later in this article), and minimal spots, hairlines, or unattractive toning. This is the ideal for a proof, but don't expect these to be available all the time. Read More

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