Barber Dimes

1892 10C Barber Dime PCGS MS64


Choice Unc (12: 3,4,5). Full strike. Good luster. Light golden tone, mostly near the edges.

1892 10C Barber Dime PCGS MS66 (CAC)

On Hold

Superb Gem (12: 4,3,5). Full strike with good luster. Beautiful magenta and gold toning on both sides.

1907 10C Barber Dime PCGS MS66 (CAC)

On Hold

Superb Gem Unc (12: 3,4,5). A beautiful example with a deep gold and magenta tone.

1911 10C Barber Dime PCGS MS65


Gem Unc (11: 2,4,5). Beautiful lavender, magenta and gold toning on both sides. Great luster. Just a few light marks on the neck.

1911-D 10C Barber Dime PCGS MS66


Superb Gem Unc (12: 3,4,5). Beautiful rainbow toning on the obverse with red, emerald, red and purple. Some areas on the reverse also show the rainbow colors. An outstanding coins. Ex: Dukor collection.

1919 Doubled Die Obverse FS-101 10C Mercury Dime PCGS XF-45


The finest graded example of this rare and high-sought after variety. This example has just the lightest wear and the only mark of note is on lady Liberty's chin. This variety was first reported in 2015, but it was known to the discoverer much earlier. Since the announcement of its discovery, only 17 examples have been found, and most of these are low grade examples. No uncirculated examples have been discovered - and many are looking hard for one! The second finest known example (PCGS XF-40) sold for over $9,000 at auction recently. This example was held in a New York state collection since 2005. It was known to be a doubled die, but was not reported until last year. It was just graded by PCGS. The die alignment is as shown.


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