Terms and Conditions of Use

We extend a full return privilege for any reason. We would like you to notify us as soon as possible if you wish to return a coin so that we can get it back on our list. We feel that 4 days from receipt of the coins (or 7 days from shipping, whichever is longer) should be enough time for you to know if you are keeping the coin. After that if you have a change of heart we would handle it as a repurchase rather than a return. Trades are welcome. If you have any coins you wish to use for a trade-in, let us know when you order the coins. We will usually have to look at the coins (unless they are Photo Sealed), so these type of transactions take a bit longer. We give generous trade-ins for upgrades that were previously purchased from Eagle Eye.

Privacy Policy

Credit cards - Upon your first order we request that your call us at 866-323-2646 to register your credit card. For your security, we keep your credit card information on a data base separate from our web site. The information is kept on a computer that does not have any internet access. On subsequent orders, if "charge" is marked as the preferred method of payment, we will use the credit card on file. If you have a change of information, you can either call us or send an e-mail. 

Confidentiality - All information collected by Eagle Eye Rare Coins, is held in the strictest confidentiality. We do not use any information outside the regular business between you and Eagle Eye. We occasionally send e-mails through Constant Contact. These are private and not accessable by that company.