What kind of guarantees do you offer?
Good question. My first guarantee is quality. I feel very strongly about offering coins that meet the expectations for the grade. This means that when I buy a coin, I want it to be a Photo Seal quality coin. If it doesn't meet my expectation for the grade, I'll explain why and equate that into the price.

I guarantee that the price I charge is a fair one, and is one that I can back up with either past sales or some information that makes sense.

One policy that I have long held, but have not published much is my free-upgrade policy. If you buy a coin from Eagle Eye, you can trade it in for a higher grade at the same price you paid or more. I don't believe you should feel stuck with any coin you buy.

I basically run this business the way I'd like to have been treated whenI buy coins. If there is a problem, ever, I want to work out a fair resolution. I have a fair return policy, but beyond that I also want every coin I've sold back at some point, so I have a very fair buy-back policy as well.

I have coins to sell, how do I sell to Eagle Eye?
I would love to buy your coins outright, but I also take coins on consignment and represent both buyers and sellers when dealing with major auction companies. There are many avenues that I can use to get you the most for your coins. My buy prices for Photo Seal coins, which start at 75% of the retail prices listed on the price guides are by no means my best offer, they are a starting point. I feel pretty safe in saying that no one else will be able to offer more for your coins than Eagle Eye.

How do I find out about my collection?
For varieties I can attribute them for $4.00 plus return postage. If you have a new variety it will get listed with you as discoverer. For basic collections I sometimes critique them for quality for new customers. This helps you build a wonderful collection. If you know which are the problem pieces that need to be upgraded, you are one step closer to building a collection you'll be proud of. Prices for this service will vary, but will be very minimal.

I don't like dealing through the mail.
I can understand your reluctance to deal with people across the country. The fact is that most nice coins may not be available locally. I go to every major show and auction searching for outstanding coins. If I have a hard time doing this at major shows, it will certainly be difficult for anyone to find the same quality locally.

I try to make dealing with Eagle Eye as enjoyable as possible. That means removing any obstacles that may cause you anxiety. I hope you feel that you're buying a coin that you will enjoy and you will not get stuck with. You may find cheaper prices on eBay (for example), but you won't find the peace of mind that the top expert in the country has looked at your coins and that you have a ready market and easy access to information.